Wayanad Agricultural Society

Wayanad Agricultural Society

Persistently endeavoring for the betterment and welfare of the farmers in Wayanad, the Wayanad Agricultural Society was registered in 2017 under the Society’s Act. For the major part the operations of the society is delegated to the social and financial developments of numerous scattered farmers in Wayanad. These farmers are mostly people who do not have proper backup and support in a variety of areas concerning their agricultural efforts.

The society looks to provide impeccable support for the production and marketing of coffee which is the major crop of the society’s members. In our efforts to make sure that the farmers get the right price and acceptance for their products, we have crafted various networks and associations with some of the leading companies across the world for exporting coffee. The society is able to do that by closely working with Moolakara Wayanad Spices Pvt. Ltd. which markets and trades the products of the members of the society. The society acts as stipulated by the Society’s Act and elections are held to elect the governing body and other executive members of the society. It also has written by-laws and guidelines to run it effectively for the welfare of its members.

As of now, the society has over 80 groups of farmers scattered across various parts of the district and we are working hard to add more to our list. Each of these groups has about 20-30 members as per the strength of the areas farmers. The society now has about 2000 farmers of which 1000 farmers are Fairtrade certified in 2018. We have also worked hard to enroll all the members of the society to be organic certified and the processes are going on. In the coming years, we also will have all our members Fairtrade certified as we have already begun the processes for the same.

Our Team

All the operations and activities of the society are carried out by our tem which consists of experienced and trained professionals in their line of work. There are 10 field staffs that work to provide all the support and aid 80 farmer groups. These field staffs are responsible for organizing the activities of the farmer groups that make the society. These field staffs report to the coordinators who administer these field staffs. In succession, these coordinators report to the manager of the society.

The Governing Body

The society also has a governing body that is constituted by democratic elections and procedures. There was a democratic election carried out in the society on October 28, 2018 and it elected a 7-member executive committee. All the operations of the governing body and the society by extension are governed by the written bylaws for the same. All activities are carried out, administered and managed democratically with the involvement and vote of support by the members of the society. The executive committee is headed by the chairman of the society, as well.

Objectives of the Society


Our Operative Concerns & Interventions

  • Annually all ten field staffs will visit all the members of the society two times
  • 80 Group Meetings are convened every year
  • We also provide adequate training to all the members of the society 3-5 times
  • The farms of the members of the society are inspected at least two times a year
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