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Incepted under the tutelage of Wayanad Agricultural Society, Moolakara Wayanad Spices Pvt. Ltd. is working hard to bring the most sought-after spices directly from Wayanad, the nature’s own spice bowl. It is not just an initiative to make more business; it is an act that will also help the farmers of Wayanad to make a better living for the impeccable spices they grow by bringing their spice produces to the customers of the world. We are on a mission—a mission that helps us not only lift the quality of lives of numerous farmers of Wayanad but also take the glory of Wayanad’s own spices to the corners of the world, and beyond.

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Spices of Wayanad

Aroma and Quality

One can easily say that Kerala’s spices industry could be counted pretty much non-existing without the role of Wayanad’s contribution in terms of pepper, cardamom, ginger and especially coffee. Boasting of more than 80% of Kerala’s coffee, Wayanad is not just about the quality when it comes to spices and again, coffee especially. Among all the spices that Wayanad has made a name for itself, an effective argument can be made that Wayanad’s coffee ranks high among the best coffees produced across the world. This is exactly what makes the coffee of Wayanad one of the sought-after varieties around the world along with a wide range of spices that the land has come to be renowned across the world.

With unique and exclusive cropping methods and strategies, the farmers of Wayanad know how to bring out the best of coffee in a land that is renowned for its taste, aroma and quality.

Wayanad Agricultural Society

Only the Best is Collected, Always

Since the quality and aroma of spices are determined by the way they are cultivated, we take extreme care in choosing the farmers we procure our spices from. We largely collect Fairtrade certified coffee. It is carried out by the collective and expansive efforts of the producer’s group that ensures that the best produces are collected at all times from the best plantations and farmers of the district. Our operations go beyond collecting the best coffee to pepper, ginger and turmeric as well.

Working with impeccable and most venerated grades of coffee, we are a place where quality and customer satisfaction soar high above everything else.

Robusta Coffee
Robusta Coffee
Black Pepper Spice
Ginger Spice
Arabica Coffee
We will soon begin the trading of Arabica variety of coffee bean
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What We Do

Beyond business, we endeavor extremely hard to support and connect coffee farmers and customers from across the world. With years of experience, uncompromised attention to details and the eye for the best products, we assure finest products that match even the loftiest of expectations of the clients.

Our diverse activities include:

  • Sourcing of organic coffee beans
  • Assured, top-quality grade
  • Recurring visits to Coffee Farms
  • Logistics guidance & support
  • Exporting of finest quality coffee and coffee products

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